Saint Paul’s Vestry is the legal trustee for our parish. We make sure our church’s actions are consistent with Maryland’s laws that govern churches. This part mostly pertains to our physical property.

In addition, the Vestry has other, more day-to-day, duties. The Vestry:

  1.  Leads in the definition and articulation of the congregation’s mission,
  2.  Supports the church’s mission by word and action,
  3.  Selects the rector,
  4.  Ensures effective church’s organization and planning, and
  5.  Manages the church’s resources and finances.

To do these things we need to hear from you.  Everyone has a voice. Everyone has a suggestion, a view, an opinion.  Just walk up and have a chat with any of the folks on this list. You can also post a message to the “Contact Us” link on this homepage or send a letter to:

Saint Paul’s Vestry
209 West Main Street
P.O. Box 364
Sharpsburg, MD 21876

The Vestry


Father Patrick Pierce, Interim Rector


Robbie Shaw, Senior Warden
Mark Montgomery, Junior Warden
Sandy Miner, Registrar
Noel Brady, Treasurer

Vestry Members

Stephanie Gumm
Tom Settle
Lee Weaver
Carolyn Shaw
Tom Wibberley
Michael Arant