ECW Minutes Feb 10, 2019

Minutes of February 10, 2019 Meeting

Attending: Donna Miner, Donna Settle, Heidi Vertrees, Liz Partlow, Sandy Miner, Judy Shaw, Ann Ashbaugh, Stephanie Gumm, Elizabeth Penna, Ann Matheson, and Cindy Weaver.

Meeting was called to order at 11:18 by Liz Partlow.

Liz read a devotional prayer.

Minutes of the previous meeting were read by Cindy Weaver.

The treasurer’s report was given by Liz in Anne Dittrich’s absence: the balance is $455.48.

Special Reports:

Several correspondences were received:  Mr. Greeley, Laura Stockslager, and the Brownsville Church of the Brethen.

Ms. Ivy has had a fall.  Cards would be appreciated.  Her address is Ms. Ivy Canady, 4356 Iron Bound Rd., Williamsburg, A 23188

Also, Jim Gano could use some cheering up!

Unfinished Business:

The Pancake Supper sign-ups are going well.  It is March 5th from 5 to 7 pm.  Any time you can give is greatly appreciated.  A new griddle has been donated and the batter and syrup are in the kitchen.  Liz will make sure the plates and silverware are sanitized and ready for use.  Preparations will begin at 3 pm.  Donna Settle volunteered to get blueberries and Sandy and Stephanie will get chocolate chips.  Stephanie will also get some orange juice in case there are children.  Donna and Tom Settle will be the greeters by the donation basket that evening and give a ticket to indicate the type of pancake wanted.

Soup Sunday is March 10th.  The following agreed to make soup:  Cindy – pasta fagioli; Pheny – not sure;  Linda Ahalt – probably cream of crab; Patty Wibberley – chicken noodle;    Heidi – pumpkin spice; Sandy Miner – sausage & kale;  Judy Shaw – vegetable;  Elizabeth Penna – potato leek;  Stephanie – chili;  Michele Shaw – white chicken chili;  and Liz – not sure.  Liz and Ann Matheson will bring some cornbread and Donna S. and Donna M. will bring desserts.  Ann Ashbaugh made a motion to donate the proceeds to Brooke’s House; it was seconded by Cindy and passed unanimously.

New Business:

Heidi made a motion to participate in the UTO program this year.  It was seconded by Stephanie and passed unanimously.  Liz will order the boxes.  Lent will be a good season for this program.

There will be an Easter candy workshop on Saturday,  April 6th beginning at 9 am.  Buckeyes will be made and then packaged for sale to the congregation.  Liz will have everything ready.  The only tool you need is a teaspoon!

It was decided to pass on the spring flower fest and the Greenfest this year.

There will be a Spring cleaning / kitchen inventory / parish work day on Saturday May 4th.  The scouts will be asked to help too.  More information on this will come later.

Dates to keep in mind:  Memorial Day parade will be May 25th and Founder’s Day is July 6th (rain date July 7th).

The REACH organization is looking for volunteers for a new program called “Welcome Home”.  This will be posted on the bulletin board in McKinley Hall.

The small bulletin board in McKinley Hall will be used to post information on opportunities for outreach activities.

Stephanie belongs to a group called “Women’s Giving Circle” and they are having a breakfast meeting on March 8th at 8 am at Brooke’s House.  All are welcome to attend and find out more about Brooke’s House.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:55.

                                 Recorded by Cindy Weaver